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Cтили, которые бы вы хотели видеть на музыкальных каналах страны

1. Trance
2. House
3. Techno, breakz, drum'n'bass
4. Hardcore
(happy hardcore, UK hardcore, dancecore/hands up, jumpstyle...)

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Dancecore United MainstreaM - There's notning more important in life but heart
M.I.K.E. и открытие его Download Shop:)
1 января 2005-го года известный бельгийский электронный музыкант, продюсер, DJ и владелец лейбла M.I.K.E. открыл новый сайт для скачивания редких треков и других эксклюзивных вещей... В разделах этого сайта поклонники смогут найти раннее изданые винилы M.I.K.E'a, а также MP3 c наивысшим качеством в 320 битрейт. актувльные ссылочки: http://www.mikemusic.biz http://www.mike.be http://www.scanner-records.be *** On the first of January 2005 Belgian DJ / producer and label owner M.I.K.E. launched a special download site where you can find a lot of nice and exclusive stuff! In the shop department you can find all Scanner clubwear, rare vinyl originals and much more. Furthermore there are some exclusive downloadable music files helping you to legally download digital music that rocks! All tracks are available in MP3 and/or AAC format (full 320 kbps!) Be the first to get a taste of rare and new produced work by Scanner artists, Flemish / Dutch hip hop downloads, independent rock / pop / R&B artists / bands... As for now, the downloads will be encrypted with a special password, as the site is in a test phase. Once your paid by Paypal, you will receive a password to decrypt the file. More info can be found in the shop section at the website. They are still working on the full website, but in the meanwhile feel free to look around and if you have any questions, they may be answered for you in the FAQ section. Related links: http://www.mikemusic.biz http://www.mike.be http://www.scanner-records.be