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Dancecore United MainstreaM - There's notning more important in life but heart
ЛУЧШАЯ СОТНЯ ХИТОВ 2004 ГОДА от лейбла Dance Planet
DANCE PLANET: best hits of 2004
В данном списке мы попытались отразить сто лучших, на наш взгляд, композиций за прошедший 2004 год. Безусловно присвоить каждому хиту определенное место в TOP100 достаточно сложно - ведь качественной музыки в этом году появилось очень и очень много!!! Поэтому, после долгих споров, возникших между представителями лейбла DANCE PLANET и журнала D:PM, мы представляем вашу вниманию не чарт, а просто ЛУЧШУЮ СОТНЮ ХИТОВ 2004 ГОДА.

Royal Gigolos “California Dreamin”
Tiesto “Love Comes Again”
Stellar Project “Get Up Stand Up”
Eric Prydz “Call On Me”
Deep Dish “Flashdance”
Warp Brothers “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
Global Playboys “The Sound Of San Francisco”
Scooter “Shake That”
Pulsedriver “Beat Bangs’”
ATB “Marrakesch”
Tiesto “Traffic”
Florida Inc. “F**k It”
Dave Armstrong “Make Your Move”
Royal Gigolos “No Milk Today”
Moonbootica “Bulldog Beats”
Marco V. feat. Jens “Loops And Tings (Relooped)”
David Guetta “The World Is Mine”
Taylor & Flow vs DJ Thoka “Happy Song”
Junior Jack “Da Hype”
G-Spott “No Comment”
LMC vs U2 “Take Me To The Clouds Above”
Paul Van Dyk “Crush”
Aquagen “Girl”
Avantgarde “Get Down”
DJ Jose “Hesitate”
Pulsedriver “Slammin’”
Klubbheads “Just Bassix”
Rocco “One Two Three”
Special D. “There’s Nothing I Won’t Do”
Starsplash “Alive”
Narcotic Thrust “I Like It”
Drunkenmunky “Calabria”
Danzel “Pump It Up”
Junior Jack “Stupidisco”
Benny Benassi “No Matter What You Do”
DJ Jean “Every Single Day”
Commander Tom “Attention”
Kadoc “The Nighttrain 2004”
Vanguarde “Gimme Gimme Gimme”
Motorcycle “As The Rush Comes”
Cyber X feat. Jody Watley “The Waves Of Love”
Mauro Picotto & Ricardo Ferri “New Time New Place”
Spankox “To The Club”
ATB “Ecstasy”
G&T “Pullover vs Close Your Eyes”
Groove Coverage “7 Years And 50 Days”
Freddy Fader “Everybody Scream”
Tiesto “Just Be”
Sax Brothers “Back On Sax”
Club Caviar “I Wish”
G-Spott “City Streets”
Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence”
Axel Coon “Lamenting City”
Sven-R-G vs Bass-T “Lost In Spain”
4 Strings “Turn It Around”
Nature One Inc. “The Golden Ten”
Brooklyn Bounce “Crazy”
Mike Heart “Sex Machine”
Boogie Pimps “Somebody To Love”
Antoine Clamaran “Decadence”
Sylver “Love Is An Angel”
Brooklyn Bounce “Crazy”
Culture Beat “Can’t Go On Like This”
Narcotic Thrust “Safe From The Harm”
Starsplash “Can You Kick It”
DJ Dean “It’s A Dream”
Cosmic Gate “Bilingual”
DJ Shog “Life 4 Music”
David Guetta “Stay”
Scooter “One”
2 Unlimited “Tribal Dance 2.4”
Wippenberg “Elemental E.P.”
4 Clubbers “Secrets”
2 Vibez “Trouble”
Bass-T “Power”
Drunkenmunky “Yeah!”
Kash “Tropical Sax”
Paffendorf “Welcome To Africa”
Milk Inc. “Sun Always Ahines On TV”
Alter Ego “Rocker”
Capella “U Got 2 Let The Music”
Kai Tracid “Conscious”
DJ Jose “His Choise”
Ziggy X “Thix Rox”
Special D. “You”
Dave Armstrong “Out Of Time”
Florida Inc. “I Need Your Lovin’”
Starsplash “Hardstyle”
Jens O. And M.Kubik “And Back”
Kate Ryan “Only If I”
Team Deep “Morning Light 2004”
DJ Delicious “I Like To Do It”
DJ Lee “X-Perience”
89ERS “Kingston Town”
Ole Van Dansk “How I Wish”
John Marks “Don’t Stop”
The Real Booty Babes “Ready To Go”
Axwell “Feel The Vibe”
Dr. Kucho “Lies To Yourself”
Mama Look Crew “Oh No No No”

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